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Quercus Publication Date: 24 June Sleepless is the highly awaited follow up to Dear Child which was an international bestseller for Hausmann. Actually it barely seems time for a new novel - in just February of this year Dear Child was topping the number 1 charts in the UK. This was a very saldūs sustaine kulkšnies achievement for a translated novel.

The book was particularly notable for its strong characterisations and for the adult interpretations of child dialogue which is gradually emitted though the first half of the story setting the scene for a more conventional thriller.

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Due to the success of Deal Child I was very keen to read the follow up and here is my publication date review. Sleepless is also a standalone novel therefore there is no continued development of the characters from the previous novel.

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Instead we encounter principle character Nadja Kulka, a Polish born lady who is in the process of driving from her current home city of Berlin to an unknown location in the countryside. She intends to meet her friend Laura van Hoven. However Nasda appears heavily disorientated and furthermore appears unused to driving a large vehicle when she encounters the attendants of a motorway service station.

Iš anglų kalbos vertė Milda Morkytė Redagavo Monika Francuzovičienė Lietuviškojo leidimo pratarmės autorius ir mokslinis redaktorius prof. Goldbergui, M. Knygų apie smegenis — vieną tobuliausių organų, jų veikimą ir sąsajas su psichika bei elgesiu — anglų, rusų, ispanų, vokiečių kalbomis apstu. Lietuvių kalba turime tik vieną kitą specializuotą vadovėlį ar monografiją, tačiau beveik nieko neišleista platesniam skaitytojų ratui. Leidyklos pasirinkimas užpildyti spragą tikrai sveikintinas: knygoje pateikiami naujausi pažangių mokslų apie smegenis — neurologijos, neuropsichologijos ir neuropsichiatrijos — faktai ir aiškinimai.

We also meet young Nelly Shütt in scenes which the writer tells us were set five years earlier. Nelly is the daughter of inn keepers in the countryside of Mecklenburg. At this stage it is not evident but Hausmann is starting to sign post some of the future development themes in Sleepless.

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Nelly starts to get involved with a regular guest to the inn known as Paul. She knows that he has a wife and daughter at home saldūs sustaine kulkšnies over time is convinced that Paul is remaining with them as his daughter is lonely and is wife is unwell.

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She dreams of them enjoying their future together but will things turn out as she intended. I have to be honest and state that Sleepless is not an initially an easy read thriller, particularly in the first half as it is hard to tie all the various threads together.

At times there can be breaks in the same chapter when you realise that the situation has changed from one period of time to the another. However this does not mean that the writing is not engaging, far from it. The prose, smoothly translated by Jamie Bulloch encourages you to persist and pull together the various parts.

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As the story develops we begin to establish that Nadja has experienced a traumatic upbringing back in her native Poland. She and her younger brother were brought up with a single mother who did not give them a conventional upbringing.

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The other story does tend to fade away which is a bit of a shame with only a few references to pull it all together. The psychologically damaged central character may have been victimised in the past, but she faces a desperate battle to ensure that she does not become a victim again.

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Despite being dubious about her past history the reader is drawn to her as she faces an intense battle for survival and in the end for justice and redemption. Sleepless is absolutely a worthy follow up to Dear Child and is a complex and multi-layered thriller with a convoluted plot which keeps you guessing until the end. Many Thanks to Hannah Robinson at Quercus for an advance copy of Sleepless in exchange for an honest review. Here is my review of Dear Child: Check out some more reviews of Sleepless on the book blog tour:.

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